Minnie Tennant

Minnie Tennant

Minnie Tennant’s life was utterly changed by the war – and ended by the flu epidemic just as the war was ending in November 1918.

An Armadale girl, she was eighteen when war broke out. Her three brothers were gradually drafted into the forces, so her father, a motor car and bus hirer was obliged to use her as a driver. In addition to this work, she also worked as a conductress on local buses.

She and her father coped with all the additional bureaucracy and restrictions of wartime life, and she also suffered the upset and distress of being at the wheel when her vehicle knocked down and killed a drunken pedestrian on the road between Armadale and Bathgate town. She was absolved from all blame for the death.

Just when the end of the war was in sight, Minnie contracted flu. Armadale was especially badly affected by the epidemic and she was one of many who died. She was 22.

For more information on Minnie, her father’s business and the tribulations of wartime, see the attached PDF.

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A Tennant's bus at the Star in Armadale. The driver is Peter Turner. The conductress is probably Minnie Tennant. (West Lothian Local History Library)