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'doing their bit'

In this section, we look at some of the individuals who 'did their bit' in the war in very different ways – even to the extent of opposing the war. They include many women who served in a variety of fields to keep the country going when most of its young men were away in the forces.

Here you can find out more about:

  • Emily Ann Austin Borrowman, of South Queensferry, a postmistress
  • Reverend John Drew of Armadale, minister and soldier
  • Captain Robert Lamb, born at South Queensferry, teacher and soldier
  • Doctor Michie of Whitburn, killed in Russia
  • Captain Atholl Archibald Stuart, of Brighouse, papermaker and soldier
  • Minnie Tennant of Armadale, bus conductress and driver
  • Major Mungle of West Calder, an officer decorated for bravery

And we’ll be adding more people in the months to come:

  • Sarah O’Keefe of Addiewell, WREN
  • Nurse Dean of Whitburn, a VAD nurse
  • Mrs Fairlie of Bathgate & George Blake of Blackburn, fundraisers
  • George Petrie of Broxburn, a conscientious objector

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