Wartime Dishes

Wartime Dishes

Some nice, economical, wartime dishes

Rhubarb and macaroni

Boil six ounces of macaroni in salted water until tender; it should be in inch lengths.  Drain from the water and keep hot.  Stew two pounds of rhubarb with a strip of lemon peel, the third of a teaspoonful of carbonate of soda, two ounces of brown sugar, and half a teacupful of water.  As soon as tender, it is ready.  Make a border of macaroni round a hot dish, and pour the rhubarb in the mdiddle.  Serves as it is, or with half a pint of custard made with custard powder poured over the macaroni.

Linlithgowshire Gazette 25 May 1917


Savoury Rice Fritters.-  Two cupfuls of cold boiled Patna rice, one cupful of bread-crumbs, half a cupful of tomato pulp, one chopped onion, one pinch of sage, salt and pepper.  Mix all together with a  little milk, form into cakes, roll in flour and fry in deep fat.  Serve with boiled haricot beans or baked potatoes, brown gravy, and green vegetables.

Linlithgowshire Gazette 23 Mar 1917

Curried Parsnips.-  Boil some parsnips till quite tender, but do not cut them; when cooked, tear in shreds with two forks, and sprinkle with pounded cloves and a little castor sugar.  Have ready a curry sauce, and pour this over the parsnips, make quite hot in the sauce, and serve with boilded rice in a separate dish.

Linlithgowshire Gazette 18 May 1917



Woman in kitchen
Woman in kitchen, 1915. (Library of Congress (LC-B2- 4094-12), per Internet Book Archives Images on Flickr.