On 15 January 1915, the Midlothian Advertiser published this article:-

Good recruiting in West Lothian - compilation of 5,000

Battalion raised in two days

Since war was declared (writes a correspondent) no county has done more in response to the appeal for men than Linlithgowshire. In the county there are six Army recruiting offices, and from these since 17th August till December 31st 1914, 1,214 men have been sent to various regiments. In Broxburn and Winchburgh, where the joint political committee offered special facilities, 125 men enlisted during the same period. While in Bathgate, Provost Sutherland enlisted over 100 men prior to the opening of the recruiting office.

In addition to the Regular Army enlistments, the county has contributed largely to the Territorials. West Lothian’s own battalion reserve of 480 men [2/10th Royal Scots] was raised in two days, and since the War Office issued instructions for the increase of 200 more men, over another 100 have been raised, while several of the Edinburgh and Leith battalions have found the county a good field for recruiting.

In addition to these enlistments, all of which have been made within the county, it is estimated after careful inquiry that fully 1,000 men have enlisted in Edinburgh, 40 in Sir George McCrae’s 16th Service Battalion and a similar number in the 15th RS. These figures reach a grand total of 3,500 as at 31st December.

With the men called up under Reserves and the 10th ISC, the county has considerably over 5,000 men serving their King and country.

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(Right) a soldier of the 2nd 10th Royal Scots, raised in Bathgate (Internet Book Archive images on Flickr)