Mapping the Fallen

Mapping the Fallen

The '1914-18: Fauldhouse Remembers' group members studied the First World War and its impact on Fauldhouse, a mining village in the southwest of West Lothian. We gathered the names of all those who were killed, traced their addresses where possible, and placed a pin on the house or street where they or their family lived. When the losses are shown in one village, the resulting image brings home the extent of the tragedy.

From a population of some 5,000 plus another 1,000 in the surrounding villages of East Benhar, Longridge and Levenseat, 120 were killed. To see a list of Fauldhouse men who served and those who were killed, see the page on Fauldhouse Roll of Honour.

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Each pin on the map represents a bereaved household in Fauldhouse and the surrounding district.