Hawick Red Cross Week

Hawick Red Cross Week

Hawick Red Cross Week, organised in June 1918, in aid of the funds of the Scottish Branch of the Red Cross Society was held in Hawick on the eve of the town's Common Riding holidays.

The Hawick News described it as an 'elaborate programme of events which included a music concert, fancy dress parade, band concert and the children's annual festival and sports'. Its aim, as the newspaper put it, was planned 'with the view of easing the suffering and burden of those directly engaged in the conflict against Germany'.

The image here shows the procession in full swing as it reached the head of Beaconsfield Terrace in the town. It shows the motor lorry of Messrs Turnbulls Limited, furnished with a Red Cross bed, on which a wounded soldier lay. A wounded soldier is also seated beside the driver, and Red Cross nurses were in attendance.

All the events organised this fundraising week raised a more than creditable sum of £2,438.

Red Cross Procession in Hawick, June 1918
Red Cross Procession in Hawick, June 1918. Courtesy of 'Hawick and the War' by The Hawick News