Home Front

Home Front

The Newcastleton Territorial Detachment being mobilised.
Dame Rumour had some of her greatest triumphs.

The people of the Borders have good reason to remember 5 August 1914, as on that memorable day the 4th Battalion KOSB was mobilised, orders to mobilise having been received the previous evening. There was naturally much excitement and bustle at the various detachment headquarters, as the Battalion was placed on a war footing for the first time. Having congregated at Galashiels, the troops were billeted at the Battalion's headquarters in Paton Street, and in other buildings throughout the town, and after the necessary preliminaries had been arranged, involving the delay of a few days, orders were received that the Battalion was to move to Cambusbarron. By 11 August mobilisation was complete, and, thanks to the immediate enlistment of a good number of National Reservists, the Battalion was brought up to full strength.

Speculation became rife, and Dame Rumour, always very influential in the Army, had some of her greatest triumphs. But doubt soon gave way to certainty, and on 12 August the Battalion entrained for Cambusbarron. The townspeople gave the Borderers an enthusiastic send-off, and after a railway journey of some hours - the first advance in "The Great Adventure" - Stirling was reached.

Few who took part in the subse­quent march to Hayford Mill, where the Battalion was quartered, will ever forget it, and the depressing effect which the long straight Dumbarton Road had that day was frequently recalled when, by frequent passage over it, our men got a better idea of the distance. But at last a turn off the main road was made, and there, sheltering between the Touch Hills and the King's Park, was the home of the Battalion for nine months.

A large mill, at one time giving employment to some hundreds of hands, which, in consequence of trade depression, had a varied and chequered career, once more - in the service of the military and as a billet for troops - became a scene of life and energy and bustle. The first thing done was to get the "house in order" and several days of methodical work revolutionised the place from the point of view of comfort, though later in the year it underwent further improvements which raised it into high esteem as a comfortable billet.