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Voluntary Aid Nurses (VAD) in auxilary hospitals
The Argylls arriving at Boulogne in August 1914
Scotland's National War Memorial

Scotland's War

Scots had been dying in wars and conflicts for centuries but the Great War was one of the most awful, bitter and destructive conflicts for the Scottish nation. It virtually wiped out a generation of young men.

It has been said that more Scots died per head of population than any of the other parts of the United Kingdom.

Timeline of World War I

  • Friday, 19 February, 1915

    British and French naval attack on the Dardanelles. Details

  • Sunday, 7 February, 1915

    ...to 22 February 1915. Second Battle of the Masurian Lakes. The Russian Tenth Army is defeated. Details

  • Thursday, 4 February, 1915

    Germany begins submarine warfare against merchant vessels. Details

  • Sunday, 31 January, 1915

    Battle of Bolimov. First German use of chemical weapons. Details   

  • Thursday, 28 January, 1915

    ...to 3 February 1915. Ottomans fail to capture the Suez Canal. Details

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Mentioned in Dispatches

This letter was sent to us. The family believe that it was a 'mentioned in dispatches' recommendation.

National Events

Scars on the City: Edinburgh in World War I

Scars on the City: Edinburgh in World War I

5 February to 27 June 2015